Upholstery Cleaning

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We are Experienced and IICRC Certified Cleaner since 1999

Soils, food, liquid spills and especially Oils accumulate on Upholstery Fabric that is removed best with proper cleaning products designed for Different Fabric Types and Different Cleaning Methods like Hot Water Extraction OR Low Moisture Bonnet Cleaning.

Caution!!! It is very important to Not Leave ANY Soap residue on Fabric because it will attract soils and oils more rapidly AND if a higher PH soap is used or left on the fabric it will begin to deteriorate the material. This is why we ONLY use Cleaning products on upholstery that are Safe, Amazingly Effective and Easily Removed. In fact, after the cleaning is done, your upholstery will usually become even cleaner and brighter long after we leave.

100 % Work Guarantee