6 Reason You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned

#6 is my personal favourite…

1. Protect Indoor Air Quality:

Did you know Carpets can be a breeding ground? If you’ve ever seen where Fido just had his paws, or what your two year old spilt last week, you know what I’m talking about. Carpets harbour all types of contaminants. Indoor air pollution and contaminants can be caused by household cleaning agents, accumulation of dust and skin cells and last but not least mold and mildew spores. Yikes.

2. Prevent Buildup of Bacteria:

Imagine for instance that Fido steps in feces at the dog park and tracks it in to the home. Dog feces can contain over 23 million coliform bacteria, which are known to cause a miriad of issues.Your carpet could be a hot bed for bacteria growth, even if you don’t have pets. If you’ve ever walked through the house with shoes on, to find the car keys, this is virtually bringing the outside in, and on to your carpets! Don’t think that if you’ve never worn your shoes in the house, that you are safe from bacteria growth. It is reported that bare feet can contain over 100 species of fungi. Yeesh!

3. Enhance the Appearance of a Room:

You know how you feel when you enter a room that is freshly vacuumed or professionally cleaned? Since most people glance down as they are walk, or survey a room, the overall cleanliness of your carpets can speak volumes about the rest of the household. Having a stained, dirty carpet, will create an environment that is not pleasant to be in. Your carpet is visually a very large part of the room. The way it looks, no doubt, will have a huge impact on the appearance of a room.

4. Eliminate Mites and Allergens:

According to reports compiled by the Canadian Lung Association, the reduction of know allergens in the home is a key factor in avoiding allergies and asthma attacks. Allergens can include dust, mold, mildew, plant pollens, animal dander, and mites. This can be especially troubling to a family with small children. Children spend time a lot closer to the ground, and the slightest movement can disrupt Allergens and have them circulating in the air for hours.

5. Keep Carpet Warranty:

Let’s face it with, maintaining a Carpet Warranty might be one of those things that can slip your mind. Considering how much it can cost to have a carpet installed, it pays to have a second look at your responsibilities when it comes to maintaining your warranty. Especially when some carpet warranties can have you covered from a few years, to the lifetime of the product. Each Carpet Manufacturer’s requirements will vary slightly, but will always include a specific time interval for regular cleanings. 100% of the time they recommended your carpets be cleaned by the “Hot Water Extraction Method,” which can only be completed by hiring a Certified Professional. You may want to think twice before heading to the store to rent your own carpet cleaning machine. Don’t forget to keep your receipts after hiring a Professional, your Warranty may depend on it!

6. Improve the Smell of a Home:

My personal favourite. There is nothing better than coming into a house, that is fresh and welcoming. Having your carpets professionally cleaned, can make a world of a difference to the overall smell in a home. Cooking odours, body odours and bacteria can all attribute to the smell that can be trapped in your carpet. Did you know that the average person can’t smell their own home? Everyone’s house has a smell and according to Pamela Dalton, a cognitive Psychologist at Montell Chemical Senses Center, “It’s actually a very robust phenomenon,” she says. “Its why people go on vacation and come back and say, “Oh its so musty in here- I’d better open some windows!” Maybe your house is musty- but according to Dalton, it’s also possible that’s what your house always smells like, but you just don’t usually notice it. How does this happen? Read more on this article written by https://www.thecut.com/2014/08/why-cant-you-smell-your-own-home.html
There you have it, 6 Reasons You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned. What do you think, has this motivated you to have your carpets professionally cleaned? If so, call or email us today to schedule a service. Your future self will certainly thank you.