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Superior Cleaning with Advanced Technology
We use Powerful & Innovative; Tools, Techniques, Procedures & Cleaning Products tailored specifically for each job that result in your floors and upholstery being as clean as they possibly can and remain clean for as long as they possibly can. We don’t just Pre-Spray and Extract, we don’t clean with soapy water, we don’t skip important steps and we don’t rush through jobs. Here is an example of some of our methods that Make a Difference…For CARPET Cleaning; First we Pre-Inspect for problem stains (with help from our high powered black light), carpet fiber type and soil conditions, then we Dry Vacuum thoroughly (because 90% of dry particulate matter is removed this way), then we Pre-Treat Stains because some stains require Different products & procedures for successful removal AND can be “set” with the incorrect product, then (if Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning method is chosen) we Pre-Spray the remaining areas using a Power Sprayer (because it is important for the cleaning products to soak and have dwell time AND a Power Sprayer consistently sprays evenly), then we Power Agitate/Scrub the carpets with either our Dual Action Counter Rotating Agitation/Pile Lifter Machine OR our  Orbiting Brush or Pad Scrubber (because EVERYTHING comes cleaner with Agitation/Scrubbing), then we use either a traditional 3 Jet Cleaning Wand OR our High Powered Spinning Jet commercial/residential cleaning tool, then we do extra dry passes to help dry the carpets as fast as possible, then (if necessary), we buff with an absorbent Bonnet Pad that removes any remaining soil from the surface fibers of the carpet and helps to dry them even quicker, leaving your carpets as clean and fresh as they possibly can.

We also do Fast Drying Low Moisture Bonnet Cleaning, which is great for all types of carpeting especially commercial carpets. Bonnet Pad Cleaning has many benefits including; carpets beautifully clean and dry in as little as 1 hour by scrubbing and extracting the carpets using specialized orbital rotation equipment, agitation/absorbent pads and advanced encapsulation cleaning products. Other benefits include; zero risk of damaging commercial carpet backing or weakening the glue on glue down carpets that result in carpet lifting and rolling, carpet tiles will not peal up on the corners like steam cleaning can do.

We also Clean All Types of Upholstery & Flooring including; Leather Furniture, Tile & Grout, Concrete, Hardwoord, Vinyl, Lino, Laminate and Stone Polishing. Our cleaning products include; Non Toxic, 100% Organic, Green Seal Certified & Wool Safe products that will never leave a sticky soapy residue and therefore will not attract dirt to your carpets, hard surface floors or upholstery.


“I thought I would have to replace my carpet from all the stains but Dwayne got them all out and my carpet looks new. Thank you so much CleanFloors” – Dolly Dawn

Carpets cleaned super well. Service was very timely. Thanks. ~ Kieran Campbell

Residential Carpet Cleaning

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  • Every Carpet Cleaning begins with a thorough Vacuuming (Removing 90% of Dry Particulate Matter)
  • Pre-Treat Stains like Pet Stains and Coffee Stains with the proper products to neutralize the stains for easy removal
  • Pre-Spray the carpet with the appropriate cleaning product using a Power Sprayer (because it is important for the cleaning products to soak and have dwell time)
  • Power Agitate/Scrub the carpets with either our Dual Action Rotating Agitation/Pile Lifter Machine OR our Rotating Brush &/or Pad Scrubber (because EVERYTHING comes cleaner with Agitation/Scrubbing)
  • Hot Water Extraction using very hot water and our Modified Carpet Cleaning Wand for maximum cleaning power and faster drying times
  • Optional Low Moisture Bonnet Cleaning that leaves carpets dry almost immediately
  • Optional High Powered Spinning Jet Steam Cleaning System for more heavily soiled carpets
  • Optional Stain Guard Treatment Application
100 % Work Guarantee

This company rocks! So efficient and knowledgeable. My carpets looked AMAZING, I swear he got them so clean the color was brighter... hadn't realized I had gotten accustomed to my dingy green carpet. Would highly recommend Clean Floors anyone!!! very satisfied customer 🙂 ~ Kate D

It’s important to have your Carpets cleaned every 6-24 months (12 month average). More frequently in high traffic areas. When soils and oils remain embedded in a carpet it breaks down the fibres and promotes rapid fibre wear. It is Generally easier to maintain than to restore, but we can do both!

100% Wow Guarantee

I am so confident that you will be happy that you chose CleanFloors over our competition that I offer a 100% Guarantee that if you do not see a Dramatic Difference and are dissatisfied with the results before I am half way through, I will leave and not charge you anything.

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