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First impressions count. Don't let dirty carpets come between you and your clients.

Do you have Problems with Carpets that do not come clean by "Splash & Dash" cleaning methods? Grease, grime, dirt, spills, and stains that either won’t come out or always resurface? 

CleanFloors uses Different Powerful & Innovative; Equipment, Procedures & Cleaning Products for each job, because every job is Different. Read below to find out about our Process for getting your Carpets as clean as they can be!

My carpets looked amazing after Dwayne did them, give him a try! 

~ Sarah Wood

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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  • Every Carpet Cleaning begins with a thorough Vacuuming (Removing 90% of Dry Particulate Matter)
  • Pre-Treat Stains like Food and Coffee Stains with the proper products to neutralize the stains for easy removal
  • Pre-Spray the carpet with the appropriate cleaning product using a Power Sprayer (because it is important for the cleaning products to soak and have dwell time)
  • Power Agitate/Scrub the carpets with either our Rotating Brush &/or Pad Scrubber OR our Dual Action Rotating Agitation/Pile Lifter Machine (because EVERYTHING comes cleaner with Agitation/Scrubbing)
  • Hot Water Extraction using very hot water and our Modified Carpet Cleaning Wand or our High Powered Spinning Jet Commercial Cleaning Tool
  • Optional Bonnet Cleaning for Extremely Fast Drying Times or for High Security Businesses
  • Optional Stain Guard Treatment Application
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Excellent service and a great job!

~ Laura Barber

Commercial Carpets should be cleaned at least every 12 months by thorough Hot Water Extraction Method.  Additionally, more frequent maintenance cleanings should be done by either Low Moisture Bonnet Cleaning Method or light water pressure hot water extraction or a combination of the two.

100% Wow Guarantee

I am so confident that you will be happy that you chose CleanFloors over our competition that I offer a 100% Guarantee that if you do not see a Dramatic Difference and are dissatisfied with the results before I am half way through, I will leave and not charge you anything.

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