Carpet Cleaning Rentals

We now offer high quality and very effective “do it yourself” carpet cleaning rental units for a as little as $29.95 per day. We have the most advanced equipment that scrubs the carpet with a rotating brush while hot water extracting at the same time in both forward and backward motions, making the job go faster and easier. We also supply high quality encapsulation cleaning products, which means that you don’t have to worry about rinsing 100% of the soap because the product dries to a crystal powder to removed by normal vacuuming (This process actually helps to clean your carpets better than traditional cleaning products and never leaves sticky soap residue behind that attracts soils and oils). Our encapsulation products; work great, smell great, are safe on all types of fabric including wool, safe for the environment AND hve built in Stain Guard, so your carpets will be protected and will remain cleaner longer. Call 250.638.7127 to reserve