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Would you like your Area Rugs to Look & Feel Like New Again?

We use Different Cleaning Products and Procedures for every job because every job is Different. We have extensive knowledge and experience cleaning all types of Area Rugs from Synthetic to Sensitive Natural fibers. In addition, we offer convenient pickup and delivery services.


Carpets cleaned super well. Service was very timely. Thanks. ~ Kieran Campbell

100 % Work Guarantee

This company rocks! So efficient and knowledgeable. My carpets looked AMAZING, I swear he got them so clean the color was brighter... hadn't realized I had gotten accustomed to my dingy green carpet. Would highly recommend Clean Floors anyone!!! very satisfied customer 🙂 ~ Kate D

(Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification).

It’s important to have your Area Rugs cleaned every 12-24 months. When soils and oils remain embedded in a carpet it breaks down the fibres and promotes rapid fibre wear. It is Generally easier to maintain than to restore, but we can do both!

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We offer Pick up and Delivery Service for our Clients that have concerns for their hard surface flooring. We also offer Low Moisture Bonnet Cleaning for Area Rugs.

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