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Removing Heavy Grease from Restaurant Carpet
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Tile and Grout Cleaning
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Stained Microfiber Love Seat
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Superior Cleaning with Advanced Science & Technology

We use the Newest Science and Technology in; Cleaning Equipment, Products and Procedures, tailored specifically for each job that result in your Carpets, Hard Surface Floors and Upholstery being as clean as they possibly can and remain clean for as long as they possibly can

When Carpet Cleaning, we don’t just Spray Water and Suck it up as fast as we can, we don’t put soapy water into your carpets and leave them feeling sticky and crusty (which then attracts dirt like a magnet that we call “Rapid Re-soiling”), we don’t skip important steps like; Pre-Dry Cleaning to remove up to 90% of Dry Particulate Matter, Pre-Spraying Cleaning Detergents evenly, wall to wall and that require proper dwell time to be effective, Pre-Agitate/Scrub with Specialized Equipment to help loosen and separate Soil, Oils and other Foreign Contaminates from the carpet fibers for easy release and removal, and we don’t rush through jobs.

We do All of these important Steps PLUS we also Pre-Inspect for Carpet Fiber Type because each different carpet type has unique characteristics and therefore reacts differently to different; chemicals, stains and cleaning techniques (example; Olefin carpets DO NOT Like Water and usually turn brown within a few days after being steam cleaned).  AND we Pre-Inspect for stubborn stains like Coffee stains and (visual and hidden) urine stains and Pre-Treat as needed using the proper science of chemicals. 

We also use incredibly effective Environmentally Friendly Encapsulation Cleaning Products so NO Soapy residue will EVER remain on your carpet AND will keep your carpets WOW Clean & Fresh much longer.  It’s like stain guarding your carpets as well as cleaning them, (Encapsulation Detergents are now considered the 3rd form of Stain guard).  Note: we also do optional additional Stain guarding of the other two types; 1st type -Flouro chemical (acts like a repellent, similar to a non stick cooking pan), 2nd type – Stain Blocker (stops colored dyes from penetrating and recoloring the fibers)  

Once the carpet or rug is properly prepped with; (Dry Cleaning, Spot and Stain Treated, Pre-Treated and Scrubbed with Detergent wall to wall and allowed proper dwell time) the soils, oils and foreign contaminates are now held in suspension from the carpet fibers and ready for extraction.  This is when we use either or both “HWE”/Hot Water Extraction (commonly known as Steam Cleaning) OR we use “PadCapping” (unique combination of Bonnet Pad Cleaning and Encapsulation Cleaning.

We also Clean All Types of Upholstery including Leather & Hard Surface Flooring including; Tile & Grout, Concrete, Hardwood, Vinyl, Lino, Laminate and Stone Polishing. We also Strip Wax without toxic chemicals, then Deep Clean before applying new Finish (Wax).

“I thought I would have to replace my carpet from all the stains but Dwayne got them all out and my carpet looks new. Thank you so much CleanFloors” – Dolly Dawn

About Us

Owned and Operated by longtime Terrace resident Dwayne Lutz, IICRC Certified since 1999. My Goal is to impress you so profoundly that you will help grow my business by telling your friends and family about my innovative floor care services. 


CleanFloors is Registered and Certified through IICRC

(Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

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“Prompt, friendly, reliable, trustworthy, Carpets look and smell great. Will be a return customer.” ~Cindy Lou Stark

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I wanted to re-stain my wood deck but thought it would take days and days to remove the algae (we live in Terrace ) and grime .  WOW Clean floors came and removed all excess paint and algae and grime in less than 2 hours and we have a large deck.  Looks 100% better now and am ready to stain the deck.  I am so relieved that I saved many hours scrubbing and was also happy that no chemicals were used in this process.  I would definitely suggest using this company before you want to re-stain or re-paint your deck. Absolutely worth it.

Judy Comfort

Dwayne from WOW CleanFloors is Awesome! We had several stains on fabric chairs including wine at a local bar and he got everything out! The chairs look brand new. He was fast and efficient, we were very impressed and will highly recommend him! Thanks Dwayne!


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